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Summer Days

 The summer has sped past all the while thinking that the days are going so slowly.  It's been a summer full of gardening and flowers and few outings but mostly just staying home and trying to stay connected while staying safe. Rachel and the kids (Megan 12, Addison 10, Tucker 7, and Jackson 4) came for a visit and we all Draper and Sara and fam and Natalie and Drew went to the beach on a day that almost everyone else in the world decided to go too-too many people!!  We managed to find a spot to have some fun at Manzanita. Calvin and I drove up near Skamokawa to see the Grays River covered bridge Natalie and I spend many days together and that is good for my soul.  We went to a local Dahlia farm and picked some blooms. We've canned some berry jam and are beginning to work on tomato sauce, there are lots of tomatoes and zucchini still to ripen in the garden. 

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